Cross-cutting projects

Cross-cutting research at IIASA draws on expertise from across the institute’s research programs. These primarily methodology-focused projects represent unique and unaddressed research challenges that require integrated and interdisciplinary expertise and focus.

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Alleviating the tragedy of the commons

Measures for protecting common goods – such as mitigating climate change or not overexploiting natural resources – are collectively beneficial, yet costly to the individual stakeholders that must invest in them. Common goods may thus be jeopardized by selfish agents,...

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Laying the foundation for a new generation of models

    Dynamic global vegetation models (DGVMs) were first conceived at IIASA twenty-five years ago and have since become indispensable for understanding the biosphere and estimating ecosystem services. However, while their versatility is increasing as new...

Consumers, development, and the future of wellbeing

As society recognizes and endeavors to combat threats to the environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that heterogeneity in human consumption behavior should receive greater attention to understand the impacts created by human development. The cross-cutting...

Improving the resilience of systems

Systemic risk describes the likelihood of cascading failures in networks. Such risks arise in a broad range of different systems, such as power grids, ecosystems, supply chains, financial networks, disease dynamics, and transportation networks. The Systemic Risk and...