Futures initiatives

The IIASA futures initiatives are cross-sectoral projects designed to explore plausible futures for a number of the world’s rapidly changing regions and resources. Current futures initiatives cover a number of issues affecting the Arctic, tropical regions, economic integration in Eurasia, and water management around the world.

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The future of Arctic populations

Only 10 million people live in the vast 20 million square kilometer territory surrounding the North Pole. This relatively small number of local people, are however one of the driving forces in active Arctic transformation. The IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative explored...

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Safeguarding the future of the tropics

The tropics are home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet and provide vital climate regulation. The Tropical Futures Initiative (TFI) brings together scientists from various disciplines and institutions to help governments and key decision makers implement...

Solutions for a water secure East Africa in 2050

      The IIASA Water Futures and Solutions Initiative seeks to incorporate science into water policy and planning, and applied water management issues. Set up as an interdisciplinary scientific initiative, the project identifies and tests solution...