Playing for a sustainable future

IIASA teamed up with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Commission to test and play The World’s Future game–a social simulation game developed by IIASA researchers on the interconnected nature of the Sustainable...

Looking ahead: Future opportunities in the greater Eurasian space

      Towards the end of 2017, young researchers, senior experts, and high-level policymakers had the opportunity to engage in vibrant discussions on possible futures for the greater Eurasian space in 2040, and the potential of youth to contribute to economic...

A picture paints a thousand words

A project run by the IIASA Ecosystem Services and Management Program (ESM) demonstrates how satellite imagery linked with a micro-tasking application such as Picture Pile can support humanitarian efforts. By asking users to answer simple yes-or-no questions, the...

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